GXqueryConnection data type

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GXquery4 - GXqueryConnection EO

The GXquery service layer, known as API, includes all the data types that allow the developer to interact with GXquery at runtime through script code. One of these data types is described below.

GXqueryConnection data type is used to establish the conection with the server where GXquery is installed.


Host Host where GXquery is installed.
BaseURL GXquery URL within the host.
Port Port for incoming connections to GXquery.
Secure True if the communications protocol is secure.



Serialize Returns a string with the object properties in JSON format.
Deserialize Loads the object properties from a string in JSON format.



&GXqueryConnection.Host = 'dmarquez'
&GXqueryConnection.BaseURL = '/GXquery40'
&GXqueryConnection.Port = '80'
&GXqueryConnection.Secure = True

The variable &GXqueryConnection is GXqueryConnection data type.