GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption data type

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GXquery4 - GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption Data type

The GXquery service layer, known as API, includes all the data types that allow the developer to interact with GXquery at runtime through script code. One of these data types is described below.

GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption data type is used to set some execution options such as font name, size and color of the query.


Name Is the name of the item to be changed (*)
Value Is the new value to be set to the item.
* Based in a enumerated domain called GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOptions.


First, we need a new variable based in this data type. Then, let's go to create it as:

&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption based in GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption data type.

So, now we write the follows scripts in the Start event of the Web Panel:

&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption = New()
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Name = GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOptions.FontFamily
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Value = "Chiler"

&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption = New()
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Name = GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOptions.FontSize
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Value = "20"

&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption = New()
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Name = GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOptions.FontColor
&GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption.Value = "#FF0080"

As you see, the variable called GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOptions, is a collection based in the GXqueryExecuteQueryServiceOption data type (this external object).

Thus, this simple code only is limited to load this collection.