GXqueryQueriesTreeNode data type

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GXquery4 - GXqueryQueriesTreeNode data type

GeneXus provides a GXquery API wich allows developers to handle data types and methods to integrate queries made through GXquery within an GeneXus application.

The GXqueryQueriesTreeNode data type is used to known the complete tree of the metadata in where nesting another folders and queries. Is useful when you want to load a combo where the user can to choose.


Name Is the tree node name.
Description Is the tree node description.
Type Is the tree node type, and its possible values are:
  • Root. Indicates that is the tree root and is invisible in the web interface.
  • GXquery4 - Folder icon Folder. Indicates the the node is a folder.
  • GXquery4 - Query icon Query. Indicates that is a query.
  • GXquery4 - Shared queries icon SharedQueries. Indicates that the queries are those shared with the user.
  • GXquery4 - MyQueries icon MyQueries. Indicates the node containing the queries owned by the user.
  • GXquery4 - User icon User. Indicates a user sharing queries with the current user. This nodes are nested  in the SharedQueries node.



In the follow example, first instruction obtain, through the GetQueriesTree method, the list of the nodes into the GXqueryQueriesTreeNodeType collection.

After Else scope, the combo box called &NodeName is loaded with the For command making a string with a concatenation of Type and Name.

Event 'GetQueriesTree'
    GXqueryQueriesTreeNodeType = &GXquerySession.GetQueriesTree(&ParentNodeType, &ParentNodeName, &Errors)
    If &Errors.Count > 0
        &GetQueriesTreeStatus = &Errors.Item(1).Message
        For &GXqueryQueriesTreeNode in &GXqueryQueriesTreeNodes
            &NodeName.AddItem(&GXqueryQueriesTreeNode.Type + ";" + &GXqueryQueriesTreeNode.Name, &GXqueryQueriesTreeNode.Type + ";" + &GXqueryQueriesTreeNode.Name)

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