GXquery 4.0 Sandbox

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The GXquery 4.0 Sandbox allows you to experiment with an online GXquery 4.0 installation.

It enables you to make your own queries on predefined metadata in a sandbox environment, with no limitations, and no hardware or software requirements other than your desktop Web browser or Smart Device.

The login information for the Web and Smart Devices Sandboxes is as follows:

User: administrator
Password: administrator123

GXquery Web little icon  GXquery web Sandbox

To start, go to http://demo.gxquery.com/sandbox.

GXquery SD little icon  GXquery for Smart Devices Sandbox

Download the GXquery SD App and set http://demo.gxquery.com/sandboxsd as the Services URL. Details are explained here.

Lab  Online Lab

Follow GXquery 4.0 Lab (Sandbox option) and experience the power of GXquery . It takes about 30 minutes.


This sandbox is restarted from scratch every day and is accessed from all over the world, so don't expect your queries or any changes to last too long.

Terms of use

Be kind, don't change the administrator's password or do anything that may disable this sandbox for others.


For any questions, suggestions or doubts, contact us using the GXquery Users forum mailto:gxquery-l@gxtech.com.uy (subscribe at http://www.gxtechnical.com/forum)