TravelAgency is an application designed to manage the frontend as well as the backend of a Travel Agency application. 

Different versions of the knowledge base correspond to the stage reached in the different courses offered by Artech. That is, is intended as a knowledge base to accompany learning.

Let's suppose our client is a “Travel Agency” requiring an Internet site where the agency’s customers can do searches regarding destinations, flights available and services offered and to book seats and buy tickets and tour services (front-end). In addition to all this, the agency will also need a maintenance system for the related information (back-end).

GeneXus features

Feature KB Version Objects Comments Availability
Infer Structure property Trunk Data Provider CustomersWithReservations The Data Provider CustomersWithReservations has its Infer Structure property set to yes. The structure of the SDT associated to the Data Provider Output property is inferred automatically. GeneXus Tilo Beta 2
Dynamic structure property Trunk Structured Data Type Customers SDT Customers associated to the DataProvider CustomersWithReservations has its Dynamic Structure property set to yes. GeneXus Tilo Beta 2
Option Distinct clause Trunk Procedures AirportPassengers, ListCustomersWithReservations and Data Provider CustomersWithReservations The Option Distinct is used in the reports and Data Provider to get the Customers with Reservations (without repeating). GeneXus Tilo Beta 3
GXflow Client for Smart Devices (Evolution 2) and Support for call of native Smart Devices applications Workflow SD Client Menu for Smart Devices object WorkflowSDClient This sample shows how to create a Business Process Diagram object with Tasks associated to Smart Devices applications. GeneXus X Evolution 3 RC (codename: Tilo)


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The Trunk version has been developed and designed for GeneXus Tilo Beta 3.

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