External utilities used by Genexus generated iOS applications

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As explained in the External utilities used by GeneXus generated Smart Devices applications document, it is possible to split the dependencies into necessary and optional dependencies. However, unlike other platforms, the iOS flexible client framework packs all external utilities compiled in the binary file, so this documents lists all dependecies as "necessary".

Necessary dependencies

Name Licence Usage
AQGridView Licence terms Dashboard objects with property Control=Table
SDWebImage MIT Image downloading throughout the flexible client
YAJL Licence terms JSON parsing throughout the flexible client
SDNetworkActivityIndicator Licence terms Showing/hiding network activity indicator
Core Plot Licence terms SD Charts user control
PListCompiler BSD License  
KTPhotoBrowser MIT SD Image Gallery user control
DLStarRating Eclipse Public Licence SD Star Rating user control
UIImageExtensions Licence terms (at the bottom of the article) Image resizing
ZipArchive MIT Handling of Zip files throughout the flexible client
AudioStreamer No licence Audio streaming (AudioAPI external object)
ValueTrackingSlider No licence SD Slider user control
FacebookSDK Apache Licence 2.0 Facebook integration
Google Analytics Apache Licence 2.0 Google Analytics
Twofish reference C implementation No licence Encrypt64/Decrypt64 implementation
ios-deploy Licence terms Execution on Device
QBImagePicker MIT PhototLibraryAPI external object
fmdb MIT SQLite wrapper for Objective-C, used to access the Offline database.
WKTParser MIT WKT Parser for Geography data type handling.
OneSignal SDK Apache Licence 2.0 One Signal Notifications Provider
OpenSSL Apache Licence 2.0 In-App Purchases (StoreManager external object)
SQLCipher BSD-style Licence Offline Database encryption
Twitter Kit for iOS No licence Twitter and Share Exteral Objects (iOS 11 and above)

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