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Properties of a Theme

The properties of a Theme are the following:



It is the name of the physical file that corresponds to the Theme or Template.


Logical name of the Theme (or Template).


It is a property that can be edited only when working with Templates.

If the Base Image Path model property is configured and, on saving the Theme, part of the path given in a class property (such as the Background property) coincides with the path indicated in the Base Image Path, the image is saved as relative image.

This is because when you are working from within GeneXus , the value of the property coincides with the Base Image Path of the KB.
The use of this feature is this: the user who is working in the KB has set the Base Image Path property, (in the e:images directory, for example) but the Graphic Designer (who uses the editor from outside of GeneXus) has images in the c:clientimages.

If the property is not set when working with the Template;i.e: absolute paths are used, instead of relative ones, all the images will point to c:clientimages. This does not exist in the PC of the GeneXus user, therefore, the Theme will not be correctly visualized when incorporated to the KB. (Besides, the user would certainly have to change that path, since it will not be valid in production.)

If the designer configures the property (with the c:clientimages value, in the example) the images will be saved in a relative way. Afterwards, the GeneXus user has to copy the images to e:images to correctly visualize the Theme when incorporating it to the KB, without the need of any other procedure (like changing each image used in the Theme so it points to the right image).

1. The default value of the Base Image Path property is the KB directory.
2. A "CSSDesign" folder is automatically created under the model directory (dataXXX). In the CSSDesign directory, the generated .css are saved, to be used in GeneXus , with absolute paths. In the Web directory, the css are generated with relative paths. Therefore, it is Not right to distribute the .css that are under the CSSDesign directory.