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Classes and HTML Nodes properties

The available properties for classes and HTML Nodes, are categorized according to CSS classification. Besides, all the available properties in GeneXus , are included in the Editor, under the "GeneXus Attribute Control Properties" category.


Moreover, the scope of available properties within Theme Editor can be widen.
In addition to the default properties, the user can add new ones if required (in case they are not available in the Editor).

The properties definitions of the Theme Editor are inside .XML files located in KBTData\Properties under the GeneXus installation. This way, you can incorporate new properties to the Editor (which will apply to all the classes).

So, to in order to add new properties, you have to save the file CSS1.xml (in KBTData\Properties directory) with another name, and afterwards, edit the new file saved to make the changes.

For example, if you want to add a property "font-stretch", under "Font", add this under the <Properties> tag:

<Property id="font-stretch">
<Default idref='71'/>
<Value idref='71'/>
<Value idref='72'/>
<Value idref='73'/>



Font is a composite property, so you should add the font-stretch item to the tag:

<Property idref="font">
<Item idref="font-style" optional="yes"/>
<Item idref="font-variant" optional="yes"/>
<Item idref="font-weight" optional="yes"/>
<Item idref="font-size"/>
<Item idref="font-family"/>
<Item idref="font-stretch"/>

Note that in this case you also need to add values under the <Values> tag:

<Value id='71'>expanded</Value>
<Value id='72'>extra-expanded</Value>
<Value id='73'>ultra-expanded</Value>

Then, by opening the Theme Editor, the new property defined will be available: