Unofficial Content

Example New Theme

To create a new theme from within GeneXus, you must go to the option: File > New.

If there is a default theme ("Default Template"), the new theme will be initialized with this Default theme.

A new theme is made up by the following elements:

· A name (the root node name)
· A group of predefined elements corresponding to the classes, within the "Classes" folder.
· A group of "HTML Nodes"

Configuring the Theme

Now, we will set up the properties of the "Grid" class. It must be taken into account that, in this case, some properties only apply if the grid has the BackColorStyle property with a specific value. I.e.: unless the BackColorStyle property is configured as "Header", at control level, the LinesBackColor and the TitleBackColor will not be seen as expected. Anyway, the grid property must be Report, to take the LinesBackColor, LinesBackColorEven, and TitleBackColor settings.

To create a new class starting from another one (derived classes), "New Class" must be selected with the right button on the parent class.

We will create a "Grid1" class, child of the Grid. This class automatically inherits the properties of the parent. We will change the value of the "TitleForeColor" property of the "Grid1" class, so it is in this property where it will differ with the parent class.