Windows Azure Deployment Package

Unofficial Content


As from GXXev2 U3, the deployment package for Windows Azure is no longer distributed with GeneXus.

It is available on the marketplace in order to streamline the distribution and upgrading of Azure Deployment.


This document describes the steps necessary to install the above package in GeneXus.


In order to deploy to Azure, SDK 2.3 has to be installed.

In addition, "Deploy To Azure" has to be installed since GXXev2 U3 to Genexus 15, by downloading the files to the Packages directory of the installation.

The above set of files contains the following:

- The files Artech.Packages.Deployment.dll and Artech.Packages.Deployment.UI.dll saved in the Packages folder of GeneXus.
- A folder called Azure, containing the dlls Artech.Windows.Azure.Util.dll and AspProviders.dll.
- Inside the Packages\Azure folder there is another folder called Templates that must contain all the templates.