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Theme Editor Preview

In the editor right vertical bar, there is a "Preview" button by which it is determined whether a preview of a control associated to this class will be shown or not.

Custom previews

The editor preview can be personalized, by the addition of "Custom Views", which are .HTML files. For this, you must add a new view through the contextual menu of the Customs Views node, or by pressing the INS key on it.
Pressing DEL/SUPR will be enough to eliminate a personalized view.

The view consists in several tabs (HTML browser, HTML Source and CSS).
The source can be modified and the changes can be visualized as reflected on the HTML, but these changes are not saved in the active document.

The following figure shows an example in which a preview called "Transaction" was added.



If there are different "form" classes defined, (i.e.: different classes that are children of the predefined class form) the preview for the rest of the controls is visualized with a background corresponding to the configuration of the form class that is default.

Predefined previews

There are already defined views for the web calendar ( and for the suggestion list (Suggest property ).