GeneXus Server 15 Installation Manual

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For installing a GeneXus Server 15 instance, the execution of a number of steps becomes necessary. 

Firstly, the GeneXus Server Requirements must be checked to know whether the computer on which the setup will be executed fulfills the installation requirements.


GeneXus Server 15 may be downloaded from here

Following the download and running of the GeneXus Server 15 Setup, a dialog window is displayed showing all the available options.

For common installation issues, please refer to GeneXus Server Common Issues.

Note: Administrator rights are required for the setup execution.

Installing, Updating or Uninstalling a GeneXus Server instance

Please refer to GeneXus Server 15 Setup for further information.

Installing GeneXus Server Certificate

GeneXus Server installation requires adding an SSL Certificate for GeneXus Server in IIS. Please refer to: HowTo: Setting up an SSL Certificate in IIS for GeneXus Server for further information.

GeneXus Server Activation

The product must be Authorized when GeneXus Server is installed for the first time. To do this, access the GeneXus Server Console for the first time and the  GeneXus Server License menu will be displayed. View the referred document for a complete description on how to request the corresponding license. 

Note: For more information about the different plans available, refer to Licenses in GeneXus Server 15

Start using it!

After the installation is done, the GeneXus Server instance will be ready to start working on it. See GeneXus Server Login to start interacting with the GeneXus Server Console.

Note: Remember that the password for the admin user is admin123 (when using Local authentication type).

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