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Here are some tips and FAQ (frequently asked questions) for RWA (Responsive Web Apps).

1. Though Web Form Defaults property is set to Responsive Web Design, the web prompts are not responsive.

The web prompts are not converted automatically, although they are automatic prompts generated by GeneXus and Web Form Defaults property is set to Responsive. This is because of compatibility reasons. The way to convert the prompts to responsive is to delete them and make them generate again. This is up to GeneXus Evolution 3 release version.

2. What to check if the responsive settings have no effect in devices (phones and tablets).

Verify that the following meta tags are added to the master page code:

  • Form.Meta.AddItem(!"viewport", 'width=device-width; initial-scale=1.0; maximum-scale=1.0; user-scalable=0;')
  • Form.Meta.AddItem(!"apple-mobile-web-app-capable", 'yes')


3. What to check if the style controls do not have a responsive look and feel. 

Check that the object uses the Theme Flat.

4. Problem: the web forms of WW pattern objects do not have a responsive form, although Web Form Defaults property is set to Responsive Web Design.

If the pattern has lost the dynamism, the default web form is not applied. You can apply the pattern again to all the parts (Apply default web form (all parts)) but the customization which has been done will be lost.

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