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GXplorer 6.0

This new GXplorer 6.0 version includes new and important features that will provide you with more power for queries definition, manipulation and visualization and more tools to integrate the new BI products or the solutions created with them in other applications, as well as covering new markets working in new platforms.

Please find below the description of some of these features:

Advanced Selection
This version includes a new option at the time of defining filters over axis and data in a query. It allows indicating values for these filters with the result of other query or queries. This results in a considerable increase of the scope of possible queries with GXplorer and of the expressive possibilities provided to these queries.

Información output new options
A new cross-browser control (pivot table and charts) is available from now for the browsers Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox in addition to the existing Office Web Components.

If a specific output format is required, GXplorer Web users will be able to design a customized output for the queries dynamically, in runtime and within the tool Web interface.

If you have your own output component, as from this version, there is the possibility of adding it as a viewer for GXplorer Web queries, developing Web Services that the tool will use to obtain the required feature.

Integration with other applications
The possibility of interacting with GXplorer through Web Services has been added in this version. This allows interacting with the services from any platform and programming language through the interface defined by the services.

You can check a complete and detailed lists of new features in the Release Notes

What do I need to start using the new version?

1) Download the setup from here.
2) Install the product following the requirements explained in the Release Notes, at the Installation and Activation section.
3) Check the compatibility section.