ToolWindow SDK Example Extension

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This SDK example creates a tool window.

Check the ToolWindow.package file for the window declaration; ToolWindow class for the implementation based AbstractToolWindow class and ToolWindowPackage class where the toolWindows is declared and initialized.

Sample images

Go to View | Other Tool Windows:


Project Configuration

Add to your project a new file called Catalog.xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Project Name="ToolWindow" Location=".">
        <File Name="ToolWindow.dll" Target="Packages" />
        <File Name="ToolWindow.pdb" Target="Packages" />

Modify the project post-build event command line to:

"$(GX_SDK_DIR)\Tools\Updater" ..\..\Catalog.xml ..\..\ "$(GX_PROGRAM_DIR)"\ $(Configuration)
"$(GX_PROGRAM_DIR)"\Genexus /install

When your project is build, it will be copied to the GeneXus version and installed.