GeneXus Salto Beta 1

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GeneXus 15 Beta 1 targets two major areas of our developments and solutions: User interface design, and Data modeling.

It makes development and UI design for mobiles faster than ever; it reinforces Incremental Development. Imagine your UI modifications happening live in the native app running on the device. 

Furthermore, the more you know about the data your solution manages, the more GeneXus automatizes. GeneXus Transaction Object has now more power than ever, when you know its data's source, update policy, and execution time; that reinforces Declarative Programming!

Main Features

Other Features

  • Developer Experience Specific
    • IDE simplified, and improved usability
    • Team Development: Concurrent updates and commits
    • Reporting
      • New syntax for parameters
        <QueryViewer>.Object = <Query>(&<p1>, &<p2>,etc
        <QueryViewer>.Object = <DataProvider>(&<p1>, &<p2>,etc)
    • MSBuild Tasks
      • MSBuild Task to import css in theme
  • Reorganizations
    • Changing a Char(x) attribute to Char(y) where y < x, has been optimized for SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle.
  • Big Data & Cloud
  • Android Specific
    • First implementation following Material Design Guidelines
    • New Status Bar color property in ApplicationBars Theme class. Supported in Android >= 5.0
    • Facebook API using new Facebook methods allowing interaction with Facebook app (if installed).
    • Performance improvements when fields based on HTML or Component Domains are in a grid
    • Swipe in Tabs, scrollable or fixed Tabs
    • Map used in field based on Geolocation Domain considers device's supported density
    • Under the hood: Google Play Services 6.1 is now used (affects Ads & Analytics)

Changes in Software Requirements

  • IDE (Development Environment)
  • .NET applications
    • .NET framework 4.0 or higher
  • iOS
    • Devices: iOS 7 or higher
    • Developers: XCode 6.3 or higher
  • Android 
    • Devices: Android 2.3 (API level 9) or higher
    • Developers:
      • JDK 7 required for compilation
      • Regarding Android's SDK:
        • SDK Platform & Google APIs for Android 5.0 (API 21)
        • SDK Tools >= 23.0.5
        • Platform Tools >= 21
        • Build Tools >= 21.1 (versions newer than Beta 1 require Build Tools = 22.0.1)
  • GXflow
    • SQL Server 2012 or higher


  • Patterns, Extensions, and User Controls compatibility package number changed to 90703. That is to say that they have to be rebuilt using the GeneXus SDK Salto in order to be loaded in GeneXus Salto.
    • Assembly version changed to 11.*
    • File and product version changed to 15.*
  • The "spc0023 - Parameter %1 %3 %2 has wrong type." specification message, is now considered as an error instead of a warning. This is to avoid compilation or runtime errors in an early stage.
  • Converting a KB to Salto throws the following message:
    "ADO.Net provider" property default value changed for Oracle data stores; checking for property value to preserve behavior in previous version.
    The default value of ADO.Net Provider property is changed from "Microsoft Data Provider" to "Oracle Data Provider" when the data store is Oracle and the property "Access Technology to set" is "ADO.NET".

Deprecated Features

Windows Desktop applications (win95 to win 7 era) generation (.NET Win, Java Win, Visual Foxpro, .NET Compact Framework) is not supported. Objects are shown readonly to enable easier conversion to Web or Mobile, but the generators are not included.

Ruby generator is not supported.

Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 generators are discontinued, the new Windows Generator takes its place.

Beta 1 Specific Restrictions

  • Conversion of KBs of X Evolution 2 or prior with GAM 3.0.5 or prior is not supported yet