Error Codes and Messages for GAM

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Code Id Error Message Error Message Cause and solutions
GAM1 1 GAM_ConnectionNotSpecified: The connection to GAM is not specified, please contact the administrator.

Cause: The connection.gam refers to more than one Repository and the SetConnection is not being used.

Otherwise, you haven't a connection.gam under the virtual directory.

Solution: Generate the connection.gam file. To generate the connection.gam, GeneXus uses the Connection User Name property and the Connection User Password property.

If you already have the connection.gam file and it has more than one GAM Repository Connection entries, execute a Setconnection.


GAM2 2

GAM_RepositoryNotFound: Repository not found, please contact the application's administrator.

Cause: The connection defined in the connection.gam file refers to a Repository GUID, which is not defined in the GAM database.

Solution: One way to define the connection.gam is building the application in GeneXus. The Repository GUID included in the connection.gam in that case is the one specified in the Repository ID Environment property. Check that it exists and it's valid.

Another possibility is that you've updated the connection.gam using the Deploy Tool and it has more than one Repository Connections. In this case check that you are doing a Setconnection to a valid Repository.

GAM3 3 GAM_AuthenticationTypeNotFound: Authentication type not found.  
GAM4 4 GAM_AuthenticationFunctionNotFound: Authentication function not found.  
GAM5 5 GAM_UserIdentificationNotValid: User identification not valid.  
GAM6 6 GAM_UserLoginIsNull: User's login can not be null.  
GAM7 7 GAM_UserNotFound: User not found.

Cause: The user GUID that's being passed to the function does not exist in the database.
For example, when the GAMRepository.GetUsers method is executed using a GAMUserFilter where the ExternalId does not exist.
Another example is when the GetUserByGUID method is executed, passing a USERGUID which does not exist in the database.

GAM8 8

GAM_UserUnknown: User unknown.

Cause: The user GUID is being passed as an empty value to the function, or the anonymous user is being used.
GAM9 9 GAM_UserInactive: User unknown or inactive.  
GAM10 10 GAM_UserBlocked: User blocked, contact the administrator.  
GAM11 11

GAM_UserPasswordIncorrect: The user or password is incorrect.

Cause: The user or password entered in the login form is not correct. Either the user does not exist or the password for that user is not correct.
GAM12 12 GAM_WebServiceError: Web service error, please contact the 's administrator.  
GAM13 13 GAM_SessionExpired: Session expired, login again.  
GAM14 14 GAM_SessionNotExist: Session not exist.  
GAM15 15 GAM_SessionTypeNotValid: Session type not valid.  
GAM16 16 GAM_SessionError: Session error, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM17 17 GAM_UserNotAuthorized: User not authorized.  
GAM18 18 GAM_UserLoginIncorrect  
GAM19 19 GAM_ConsumerChallengeNotValid: Consumer challenge not valid, please contact the GAM administrator.  
GAM20 20 GAM_ConsumerModeNotValid: GAM mode connection is invalid, please contact the GAM administrator.  
GAM21 21

GAM_SessionFinished: Session finished, login again.

Cause: When

Allow Multiple Concurrent Web Sessions Security Policy Property = "Yes, from same IP address" and a new login request is done and a valid session for that user already exists and was requested from a different IP

Allow Multiple Concurrent Web Sessions Security Policy Property = "No" and a new login request is done and a valid session for that user already exists.

GAM22 22 GAM_RepositoryWithoutAnonymousUser: Repository without anonymous user, please contact the GAM administrator.  
GAM23 23 GAM_UserPasswordMustBeChanged: Your password must be changed, please change it now.  
GAM24 24 GAM_UserPasswordExpired: Your password has expired, please change it now.  
GAM25 25 GAM_SessionLocked: Session has been locked due to multiple invalid login attemps, close your browser and try again.  
GAM26 26 GAM_UserCanNotChangePassword: User cannot change the password.  
GAM27 27 GAM_UserNameTooShort: The user name must be longer (minimum {0} ).  
GAM28 28 GAM_UserNameSpecialCharacterNotValid: The user name can not contain special characters.  
GAM30 30 GAM_ConnectionNotFound: The connection to GAM was not found, please contact the administrator.

Cause: An entry for the GAM Repository wasn't found in the connection.gam file.

Solution: The connection.gam file has to be present on the server. Besides, check the Repository Connections defined in the GAM DB, and verify that the connection.gam file has a connection defined for the Repository.

GAM31 31 GAM_ConnectionTypeNotFound: GAM connection type not found, please contact the administrator.  
GAM32 32 GAM_ConnectionLoginFailed: Repository connection failed for user {0}, please contact the administrator.

Cause: The connection.gam file does not correspond with the database.

Solution: Delete de connection.gam file (in the target environment) and press F5 (Run). The GeneXus output will say if the new file is created well.

GAM33 33 GAM_ConnectionUserPasswordFailedForUser: The connection password for user {0} is not correct, please contact the GAM administrator.  
GAM34 34 GAM_RemoteConnectionUserFailed: Remote connection failed for user {0}, please contact the administrator.  
GAM35 35 GAM_AuthenticationTypeNotValid: Authentication type not valid.  
GAM36 36 GAM_RememberUserTypeNotValid: Remember user type not valid.  
GAM37 37 GAM_WebServiceVersionNotFound: Web service version not found, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM38 38 GAM_WebServiceUnsupportedVersion: Web service unsupported version, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM39 39 GAM_ApplicationNotFound: Application not found.  
GAM40 40 GAM_WebserviceNotResponding: Error in webservice response, the service is not responding, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM41 41 GAM_UserAnonymousError: User anonymous error, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM42 42 GAM_BCMessage: BC Message.  
GAM43 43 GAM_UserPasswordKeyIncorrect: The key to change the user's password incorrect, obtain another.  
GAM44 44 GAM_UserPasswordKeyExpired: The key to change the user's password has expired, obtain another.  
GAM45 45 GAM_UserPasswordAnswerIncorrect: User password answer incorrect.  
GAM46 46 GAM_NameSpaceCannotBeNull: Namespace cannot be null.  
GAM47 47 GAM_DescriptionCannotNull: Description cannot be null.  
GAM48 48 GAM_APIModeUnrecognized: API mode unrecognized, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM49 49 GAM_UserNameAlreadyExist: User name already exist.  
GAM50 50 GAM_UserAlreadyActivated: User is already active.  
GAM51 51 GAM_UserActivationKeyIncorrect: User activation key is incorrect, you must register again or contact the administrator.  
GAM52 52 GAM_UserActivationKeyExpired: User activation key expired, you must register again or contact the administrator.  
GAM53 53 GAM_RepositoryNameSpaceNotValid: Repository namespace not valid, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM54 54 GAM_OpenIdError: OpenId error.  
GAM55 55 GAM_OpenIdIdentityNotMatch: OpenId identity doesn't match.  
GAM56 56 GAM_OpenIdModeError: OpenId mode error.  
GAM57 57 GAM_OpenIdReturnError: OpenId return error: {0}.  
GAM59 59 GAM_OpenIdSignedError: OpenId signed error.  
GAM60 60 GAM_MissingRequiredData: Missing required data ({0}).  
GAM62 62 GAM_UserEmailSyntaxError  
GAM63 63 GAM_UserEmailRequired: User email is required.  
GAM64 64 GAM_UserPasswordRequired: User password is required.  
GAM65 65 GAM_UserFirstNameRequired: User first name is required.  
GAM66 66 GAM_UserLastNameRequired: User last name is required.  
GAM67 67 GAM_UserBirthdayRequired: User birthday is required.  
GAM68 68 GAM_UserGenderRequired: User gender is required.  
GAM69 69 GAM_UserPhoneRequired: User phone is required.  
GAM70 70 GAM_UserAddressRequired: User address is required.  
GAM71 71 GAM_UserCityRequired: User City is required.  
GAM72 72 GAM_UserStateRequired: User state is required.  
GAM73 73 GAM_UserCountryRequired: User Country is required.  
GAM74 74 GAM_UserPostCodeRequired: User post code is required.  
GAM75 75 GAM_UserLanguageRequired: User language is required.  
GAM76 76 GAM_UserTimeZoneRequired: User time zone required.  
GAM77 77 GAM_UserPhotoRequired: User photo is required.  
GAM78 78 GAM_UserEmailAlreadyExist: There is already a registered user with this email, select another.  
GAM79 79 GAM_UserNameMustBeEntered: User name must be entered.  
GAM80 80 GAM_ApplicationParentNotValid: Parent application can not be a base application.  
GAM18 81 GAM_ApplicationParentNotExist: Parent application doesn't exist.  
GAM82 82 GAM_BaseAapplicationNotValid: Base application is not valid.  
GAM83 83 GAM_BaseApplicationNotExist: Base application doesn't exist.  
GAM84 84 GAM_UserActivationTypeIncorrect: User activation type incorrect, please contact the administrator.  
GAM85 85 GAM_SessionAlreadyExist: User already has a session.  
GAM86 86 GAM_ErrorWhenSaveCookie: Error when save the cookie ''{0}'' ({1}).  
GAM87 87 GAM_RepositoryNeedLocalAuthentication: Repository needs to be enabled authentication type Local, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM88 88 GAM_ExternalAuthenticationServerInvalid: External authentication server invalid.

Cause: The GAM application received less parameters than the expected ones or no State value was received.

Solution: Review the code calling the GAM appliaction for missing parameters.

GAM89 89 GAM_ExternalAuthenticationTokenInvalid: External authentication token invalid.  
GAM90 90 GAM_ExternalAuthenticationError: External authentication error.

Cause: Return URL could not be retrieved.

Solution: Review the associated configuration and make sure the redirect URI is set.

GAM91 91 GAM_FacebookAccessError: Facebook access error ({0}), please contact the application administrator.  
GAM92 92 GAM_FacebookResponseError: Facebook response error, please contact the application administrator.  
GAM93 93 GAM_ErrorExternalAuthenticationCallback: Error external authentication callback ({0}).  
GAM94 94 GAM_TwitterResponseError: Twitter response error.  
GAM95 95 GAM_TwitterTokenError: Twitter token error.  
GAM96 96 GAM_TwitterVerifierError: Twitter verifier error.  
GAM97 97 GAM_TwitterAccessError: Twitter access error ({0}).  
GAM98 98 GAM_UserGUIDErrorTryingLogin: User GUID error trying login, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM99 99 GAM_AuthenticationTypeAlreadyDefined: Authentication type is already defined.  
GAM100 100

GAM_OauthProtocolNotEnabled:Oauth protocol not enabled, please contact the application's administrator.

Check the Allow OAuth Access (Smart Devices) Repository property. The error is thrown when this property is set to False.
GAM101 101 GAM_RefreshTokenError: Refresh token error.  
GAM102 102 GAM_TokenRevoked: Token revoked, login again.  
GAM103 103 GAM_TokenExpired: Token expired, login again.  
GAM104 104 GAM_UserMustBeAuthenticated: User must be authenticated.  
GAM106 106 GAM_AccessGrantNotFound: Access grant not found, login again.  
GAM107 107 GAM_AccessGrantRevoked: Access grant revoked, login again.  
GAM108 108 GAM_AuthorizationRequestNotFound: Authorization request not found.  
GAM109 109 GAM_AuthorizationRequestRevoked: Authorization request revoked.  
GAM110 110 GAM_AuthorizationRequestNotAuthorized: Authorization request not authorized.  
GAM111 111 GAM_ApplicationClientRevoked: Application client revoked.  
GAM112 112 GAM_AccessTokenNotFound: Access token not found, login again.  
GAM113 113 GAM_AccessTokenRevoked: Access token revoked, login again.  
GAM114 114 GAM_AccessTokenNotValid: Access token not valid, login again.  
GAM115 115 GAM_RepositoryAlreadyExist: Repository already exist, please contact the GAM administrator.  
GAM116 116 GAM_ApplicationSecretNotValid: Application secret not valid, please contact the administrator.  
GAM117 117 GAM_AccessGrantScopeNotValid: Access grant scope not valid, please contact the administrator.  
GAM118 118 GAM_UserNameRequired: User name required.  
GAM119 119 GAM_SessionChangeOriginalIP: Session change original IP address, login again.  
GAM120 120 GAM_UserEmailDuplicated: Invalid configuration, there are duplicate user emails.  
GAM121 121 GAM_SessionUserError: Session user error, login again.  
GAM122 122 GAM_SessionTokenError: Session token error, login again.  
GAM123 123 GAM_ApplicationTokenNotFound: Application Token not found.  
GAM124 124 GAM_ApplicationTokenAlreadyExist: Application Token already exist.  
GAM125 125 GAM_UserExternalIdAlreadyExist: User external Id. already exist, please select another.  
GAM126 126 GAM_RoleExternalIdAlreadyExist: Role external Id. already exist, please select another.  
GAM127 127 GAM_CanNotChangeCurrentConnection: Can not change current connection.  
GAM128 128 GAM_CanNotDeleteCurrentConnection: Can not delete current connection.  
GAM129 129 GAM_FacebookAccessTokenError: Facebook access token error ({0}), please contact the application administrator.  
GAM130 130 GAM_FacebookAccountUnverified: Facebook account unverified, first verify your facebook account in  
GAM131 131 GAM_FacebookResponseMessage: Facebook response error: {0}  
GAM132 132 GAM_UserDoesNotInRepository: User does not exist in Repository, please contact the application's administrator.  
GAM133 133 GAM_ApplicationEnvironmentNotFound: Application environment not found.  
GAM134 134 GAM_AccessGrantExpired: Access grant expired, login again.  
GAM135 135 GAM_GrantTokenExpired: Grant token expired, login again.  
GAM136 136 GAM_GrantTokenNotFound: Grant token not found, login again.  
GAM137 137 GAM_UserAttributeNotFound: User attribute not found.  
GAM138 138 GAM_ApplicationAlreadyExist  
GAM139 139 GAM_UnauthorizedAccessDenied: Unauthorized: Access is denied.  
GAM140 140 GAM_ApplicationNameCannotBeNull: Application Name cannot be null.  
GAM141 141 GAM_PasswordTooShort: Password is too short, select another.  
GAM142 142 GAM_PasswordMustBeNumbers: Password must be numbers (minimum {0}).  
GAM143 143 GAM_PasswordMustBeUpperLetters: Password must be upper letters (minimum {0}).  
GAM144 144 GAM_PasswordMustBeSpecialCharacters: Password must be special characters (minimum {0}).  
GAM145 145 GAM_UserPasswordNewDiferentOld: The current password and new password must be different.  
GAM146 146 GAM_PasswordWasRrecentlyUsed: Password was recently used, use another.  
GAM147 147 GAM_UserEmailRequiredToLogon: Email is required for the user can logon with email.  
GAM148 148 GAM_UserEmailRequiredToUnique: Email required to be unique.  
GAM149 149 GAM_UserEmailMustUniqueToLogon: Email must be unique for the user can logon with email.  
GAM150 150 GAM_DirectoryNotExist: Directory {0} not exist.  
GAM151 151 GAM_TokenNotRelatedToApplication: Token is not related to this application, invalid token, login again.  
GAM152 152 GAM_PermissionNameNotValid: Permission name not valid.  
GAM153 153 GAM_PermissionNotFound: Permission not found.  
GAM154 154 GAM_PermissionNameAlreadyExist: Permission name already exists, please choose a different name.  
GAM160 160 GAM_UserPasswordRecentlyChanged: The password was recently changed, you must wait {0} minutes.  
GAM161 161 GAM_UserMissingRequiredData: The user is missing a required data, complete to continue.  
GAM162 162 GAM_UserKeyToCompleteDataNotFound: The key to complete user data not found, login again, if the problem persists, contact the administrator.  
GAM163 163 GAM_UserKeyToCompleteDataIncorrect: The key to complete user data is not correct, login again, if the problem persists, contact the administrator.  
GAM164 164 GAM_UserRecoveryPasswordKeyTimeOutCanNotNull: User recovery key time out can not be null.  
GAM166 166 GAM_TwitterAccountUnverified: Twitter account unverified, first verify your twitter account.  
GAM167 167 GAM_DeviceIdCoundNotGet: Could not get the Device Id.  
GAM168 168 GAM_TokenRenewError: Token can not be renewed, login again.  
GAM169 169 GAM_ApplicationConfigurationErrorAanomymousUser: Application configuration error, check the Auto-register property anomymous user.  
GAM170 170 GAM_NameSpaceRestricted: The namespace already exists and its use is restricted.  
GAM171 171 GAM_RepeatedConnectionNameInFile: The connection file not allow repeated names ({0})  
GAM172 172 GAM_CanNotDeleteAdministratorRepository: Can not delete GAM administrator repository.  
GAM173 173 GAM_InvalidTokenToFinish  
GAM174 174 GAM_ApplicationGUIDUnidentified: Application GUID {0} unidentified , please contact the administrator.  
GAM175 175 GAM_SecurityPolicyNameCannotBeNull: Security policy name can not be null.  
GAM176 176 GAM_RoleNameCannotBeNull: Role name can not be null.  
GAM177 177 GAM_RoleNameAlreadyExists  
GAM178 178 GAM_RepositoryNameCannotBeNull: Repository name can not be null.  
GAM179 179 GAM_ConnectionNameCannotBeNull. Connection name can not be null.  
GAM180 180 GAM_ConenctionUserNameCannotBeNull: Connection user name can not be null.  
GAM182 182 GAM_ConnectionUserPasswordRequired: Connection user password is required.  
GAM183 183 GAM_CanNotDeleteDefaultRole: Can not delete the default Repository role.  
GAM184 184 GAM_CanNotDeleteSmartDeviceAnonymousRole: Can not delete the Smart Devices anonymous role.  
GAM185 185 GAM_InvalidOperationOnDeviceUser: Invalid operation on a device user.  
GAM200 200 GAM_RegisterNotFound: Not found.  
GAM201 201 GAM_PermissionAccessTypeNotValid  
GAM202 202 GAM_GoogleAccessError  
GAM203 203 GAM_GoogleResponseError  
GAM204 204 GAM_GoogleAccessTokenError  
GAM205 205 GAM_GoogleResponseMessages  
GAM206 206 GAM_GoogleAccountUnverified  
GAM207 207 GAM_InvalidImportDataDirectory: Directory {0} is invalid. There are missing files.  
GAM208 208 GAM_MissingDefaultSecurityPolicy  
GAM209 209 GAM_TwitterAccessTokenError  
GAM211 211 GAM_DelegateAuthorizationVersionError  
GAM212 212 GAM_DelegateAuthorizationServiceError  
GAM213 213 GAM_ExternalTokenInvalid  
GAM219 219 GAM_ApplicationHomeObjectNotFound  
GAM220 220 GAM_ApplicationClientLocalLoginURLCannotBeNull  
GAM221 221 GAM_ApplicationClientCallbackURLCannotBeNull  
GAM222 222 GAM_ApplicationClientCallbackURLNotValid  
GAM230 230 GAM_ApplicationClientNotAllowRemoteAuthentication  
GAM231 231 GAM_ApplicationClientEncryptionKeyError  
GAM232 232 GAM_ApplicationClientMissingScopeRequestUserData  
GAM233 233 GAM_ApplicationClientNotHaveScopeUserAdditionalData  
GAM234 234 GAM_ApplicationClientNotHaveScopeUserRoles  
GAM235 235 GAM_ApplicationClientReceivedInvalidScope  
GAM236 236 GAM_ApplicationClientNotFound  
GAM237 237 GAM_ApplicationMenuNotFound  
GAM240 240 GAM_AuthenticationTypeNotEnabled: Authentication type is not enabled or does not exist ({0}).  
GAM241 241 GAM_AuthenticationTypeNameCannotBeNull: Authentication type can not be null.  
GAM242 242 GAM_AuthenticationTypeToImpersonateNotValid  
GAM243 243 GAM_AuthenticationTypeClientIdCannotBeNull  
GAM244 244 GAM_AuthenticationTypeClientSecretCannotBeNull  
GAM245 245 GAM_AuthenticationTypeSiteURLCannotBeNull  
GAM246 246 GAM_AuthenticationTypeRemoteServerURLCannotBeNull  
GAM247 247 GAM_AuthenticationTypeWebServiceNameCannotBeNull  
GAM248 248 GAM_AuthenticationTypeServerNameCannotBeNull  
GAM249 249 GAM_AuthenticationTypeConsumerKeyCannotBeNull  
GAM250 250 GAM_AuthenticationTypeConsumerSecretCannotBeNull  
GAM251 251 GAM_AuthenticationTypeCallbackURLCannotBeNull  
GAM252 252 GAM_AuthenticationTypeFileNameCannotBeNull  
GAM253 253 GAM_AuthenticationTypeClassNameCannotBeNull  
GAM260 260 GAM_AuthenticationTypeIsDefinedUsers  
GAM261 261 GAM_AuthenticationTypeIsUsedByDefault  
GAM270 270 GAM_GAMRemoteAccessError  
GAM271 271 GAM_GAMRemoteResponseError  
GAM272 272 GAM_GAMRemoteAccessTokenError  
GAM273 273 GAM_GAMRemoteResponseMessages  
GAM274 274 GAM_GAMRemoteAccountUnverified  
GAM275 275 GAM_GAMRemoteEncryptionKeyError  
GAM280 280 GAM_Oauth20AccessError  
GAM281 281 GAM_Oauth20ResponseError  
GAM282 282 GAM_Oauth20AccessTokenError  
GAM283 283 GAM_Oauth20ResponseMessages  
GAM284 284 GAM_Oauth20AccountUnverified

Cause: User's email is not verified or the selected identity provider does not send a verified_email tag

Solution: Remove default value 'verified_email' from Verified Email Tag property in Authentication Type configuration

GAM290 290 GAM_ScopeNotFound  
GAM291 291 GAM_AccessCodeNotFound  
GAM292 292 GAMGrantTypeNotFound  
GAM295 295 GAM_TwitterAccountUnverified  
GAM296 296 GAM_TwitterAccessTokenError  
GAM297 297 GAM_TwitterResponseMessages  
GAM300 300 GAM_UserNamespaceNotValid: User namespace is not valid.  
GAM301 301 GAM_UserAlreadyExistWithDifferentNamespace  
GAM302 302 GAM_UserAlreadyExistWithDifferentAuthenticationType  
GAM303 303 GAM_UserAttributeMultivaluedNotFound  
GAM304 304 GAM_UserAttributeMustBeMultivalued  
GAM305 305 GAM_UserAttributeIdIsRequired  
GAM320 320 GAM_EventSubscriptionEntityNull  
GAM321 321 GAM_EventSubscriptionActionNull  
GAM322 322 GAM_EventSubscriptionClassNameNull  
GAM323 323 GAM_EventSubscriprionFileNameNull  
GAM324 324 GAM_EventSubscriptionAlreadyExists  
GAM325 325 GAM_EventSubscriptionNotExists  
GAM330 330 GAM_RepCreateCopyFromRepositoryNotFound  
GAM331 331 GAM_RepCreateAdministratorUserPasswordRequired  
GAM332 332 GAM_RepCreateApplicationNotFound  
GAM333 333 GAM_RepCreateCopyApplicationFlagNotFound  
GAM334 334 GAM_RepCreateCopyApplicationAndCopyRolesFlagsNotFound  
GAM335 335 GAM_RepCreateCopyRolesFlagNotFound  
GAM336 336 GAM_RepCreateRoleNotFound