Using Cloud Foundry to manage a GeneXus application on IBM Cloud

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The WAR of an application can be built and deployed automatically using the Deploy Applications tool. Nevertheless, the package built by the tool can also be uploaded manually. To do that, you need to use the Cloud Foundry client tool.

Here we cover the steps to follow after the WAR, or EAR application is already built, if you want to deploy such application to IBM Cloud manually.

We'll explain some aspects of Cloud Foundry as a tool whose purpose is to help to manage the applications on IBM Cloud platform.

  1. Download Cloud Foundry client. This tool is a command-line interface that you can use to deploy and manage applications on IBM Cloud.
    >cf --version
    cf version 6.11.0-bba7fcf-2015-04-13T17:49:06+00:00​
  2. Upload the generated .war using the Cloudfoundry client. There's a step by step document here which explains how to push a war file to IBM Cloud.

           See Uploading an application to IBM Cloud manually for a GeneXus sample.

Note: The push command also creates an application from scratch.

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