Troubleshooting client-side PDF printing in Web applications

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How to prevent the printer dialog from being displayed

To prevent the printer dialog in PDF Reports client-side printing from being displayed, you need to configure something in the browser.

The browsers' built-in PDF viewer displays the printer dialog, and currently there isn't a way to override this behavior, so you need to use any external PDF viewer.


This solution is only available until September 2015.

First, enable NPAPI plugins (through Chrome://flags). Then, disable the built-in Adobe Reader option.


Next, enable the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plugin (or any other PDF reader).


Go to Options > Applications, look for "Portable Document Format (PDF)" and click on the drop-down menu to choose other than Firefox.

Other PDF plugin Firefox

Anyway, the following dialog is always displayed:

Confirmation to print
This document is trying to print, do you want to allow this? 

How to enable javascript execution 

If javascript execution is disabled, the document cannot be printed, and the following error is thrown in Firefox:

javascript disabled Adobe Reader

To fix the problem, do the following configuration:

enable javascript Adobe Reader

The same happens to Foxit Reader:

javascript disabled Foxit
Foxit Reader does not allow to run JavaScript..

You have to disable safe reading under Trust Manager option:

enable javascript Foxit

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