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Salto is the codename for the beta stage of GeneXus 15.

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GeneXus Salto Night Builds Log

GeneXus Salto Beta releases history 

GeneXus Salto Beta 1 (May 7, 2015)

Beta 1 targets two major areas of our developments and solutions: User interface design, and Data Modeling.

Please read here for more details and get started!

GeneXus Salto Beta 2 (March 10th, 2016)

In Beta 2  we continue working on several key aspects of the version: data modeling, features for mission-critical applications, user experience, and incremental development.

As always we are working to create better applications easily with GeneXus, team working is a key aspect to achieving this, in this beta we have released a new GeneXus Server with a new administration console plus a bunch of internal features that focus on performance.

GeneXus Salto Beta 3 (June 15th, 2016)

In Beta 3 we especially highlight improvements in knowledge management through the ability to distribute modules and their implementation. Also, we’ve also worked on various aspects to facilitate and enhance both web and mobile development. On the other hand, to have Cloud-native applications, this version allows you to store multimedia fields using services offered by Cloud providers to this end.

GeneXus 15 Release Candidate (August 10th, 2016)

As soon as you start with the setup of GeneXus 15 RC, you already notice that a lot of love and work has been targeted to Developer Experience. Setup is cleaner, easier to do. The same happens with the IDE that has been fine-tuned for HDPI, to look great at any monitor and so is ready for being at your front for your journey developing great solutions with GeneXus. But the emphasis on Developer Experience doesn't end with a nice look; it goes beyond that as you can see in the following list of improvements. 

Developing  Web, Web Mobile, Native iOS or Android applications, Cloud-based or not, is now much easier; and to the Multiple platforms supported, SAP Hana and Google App Engine have been added.

GeneXus 15 (Ready To Manufacturing: 30th August, 2016; General Availability: 26th September, 2016 )

GeneXus 15 has been released at the #GX26 :