How To: Change the Xcode version used by GeneXus

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Each GeneXus version/Upgrade has a set of compatible Xcode versions, as explained in Apple Requirements. On the other hand, you may have several versions of Xcode installed on your Mac computer.

When building an Apple application, GeneXus checks the Xcode Command Line Tools setting and tries to use the Xcode version specified there. If that Xcode version is not compatible with the GeneXus version and Upgrade used to build the application, the process starts searching for a compatible Xcode version installed on the Mac and if found, uses that version to perform the build process.

Warning: In order to successfully retrieve the installed Xcode versions in the Mac, the filename of each Xcode version must not include spaces .

Setting a preferred Xcode version

If you want to tell GeneXus to use a specific Xcode version, you should change the Xcode Command Line Tools preference following these steps:

  1. Go to the Mac and open Xcode
  2. Go to Preferences...
  3. Locations
  4. Change the Command Line Tools option to the desired one

Note that GeneXus will use that version only if it is compatible with that version. If not, the search explained in the previous section will take place.

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