FileNameAttribute Property

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The FileNameAttribute property identifies an attribute that holds the File Name of a Blob data type attribute.

A Blob data type attribute may store files. The attribute stores the file content but not it's original name. You should set this property if you want to keep track of the original file name.

Every time the Blob data type attribute is assigned (either in the user interfase or by an assignment command) the value of the FileNameAttribute is automatically assigned too.

The default value is (none), stating that the original file name is lost.

Constraints on the File Name Attribute:

  • It must be Character or VarChar (not Long Varchar) data type
  • It must belong to the same table the referencing attribute belongs to.
  • It should not be a formula
  • It cannot be used as the FileTypeAttribute or FileNameAttribute of any other Blob attribute.
  • <o:p>Not Supported for GUI applications</o:p>

Note: When downloading the file, it is temporary saved with its original name (which is taken from the FileNameAttribute), plus a random number. So, in fact, each file is given a different name, in order to be able to run the application in multiuser and concurrent environments.