Business Process Modeling with GeneXus X

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We expect that most applications in the future will include a Workflow component. This is the main reason why GXflow is fully integrated into GeneXus X:

Workflow General View

The integration is at several levels:

  • You can create GXflow diagrams inside GeneXus. This simplifies a lot of tasks, making it easy to bind activities to objects.
  • GXflow is aware that an object is being used in a diagram and it automatically generates additional entry points so that the program is ready to be invoked by the workflow engine without the need for the user to make any change. This greatly simplifies the process of creating applications with Workflow components, and specially, of adding WorkFlow to an already existing application.
  • Mapping of Workflow Data Application with attributes. 
  • Workflow development cycle integrated in GeneXus (impact, prototyping, etc.)

Besides, these are some of the features of the new diagram editor: 

  • Improved usability and look and feel.
  • Drag & Drop of GeneXus objects into the diagram resulting in activities associated to those objects.
  • Rule Condition editor.
  • Cross reference information between workflow processes and objects

See also Workflow.