Target Value property

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Target Value is a property defined for Data Query attributes (attributes of a Query object which have the Axis property value set on Data) which allows setting the Target Value of a Data attribute of a Gauge Chart.

Remember that Gauge chart data is displayed as a percentage of the Target Value, for more information, please refer to Gauge Chart.

Usage example

Let's consider the Tickets Sales generated by a city attraction. The Tickets Sales produced by a famous attraction (as the Eiffel Tower) varies depending on the season of the year. 

For those months corresponding with the Low season months, the attraction's administrator sets a Target Value representing the required amount to cover the Attraction's expenses.

The administrator defines the following Query and sets the Target Value of the Sum(TicketPrice): Target Value = 50.000.


After two months, the number of total sales reaches the surprising amount of 237.000 (47.4 more than the expected one), overcoming the Target Value:


So, the administrator modifies the Sum(TicketPrice) Target Value once again: Target Value = 500.000 to adjust the new Attraction's expenses.