SemanticContent property

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The Semantic content property allows determining the HTML attribute that will be generated for the control.


Address address.
Reference container article
Related aside
General div (This is the default value)
Footer footer.
Subtitle1 H1
Subtitle2 H2
Subtitle3 H3
Subtitle4 H4
Subtitle5 H5
Subtitle6 H6
Header header.
Main main.
Navigation menu nav
Section section.


Its purpose is to give semantics to the HTML and to comply with the recommendations related to Accessibility for Web Applications.

It applies to the Section Control.


Below are the properties for the section control whose ID is Section1. Note that the Semantic content property is set to "Related".


So, the resulting HTML code is as follows:

<aside id="SECTION1" class="Section" style="">
<span class="TextBlock" id="TEXTBLOCK8">Test</span>