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On Session Timeout property

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It handles the encryption of AJAX parameters in AJAX calls. The encryption of AJAX calls parameters is handled using web sessions.

This property allows specifying if the user has to receive an alert when an action that is solved using AJAX is triggered, and the web session has expired. On the other hand, he will not be aware of the fact that the web session has expired and the session will renew automatically.

The security level of both cases is the same.


Ignore All parameters of AJAX calls are encrypted using a key associated to the WebSession. When the WebSession expires, the application will execute a refresh of the page in order to get a new WebSession and will not display any message. This is the default value.
Warn All parameters are encrypted using a key associated to the WebSession as in the previous case. The difference is that when the WebSession expires or if it is invalid, a warning message will be displayed suggesting the user refresh the page to get a new WebSession.

Note: When GAM is activated in the KB, if "On session timeout" property is set to WARN value and GAM session timeout expires, the warning message of session expiration will also be displayed, despite that session timeout does not expire on server.

This helps to alert the user that a redirect will be done (to the GAM login object), so he will lose his work unless he cancels in the session timeout alert box and saves the work before the redirect takes place.


The behavior described in this document is valid for models with Web User Experience property = Previous versions compatible.

When Web User Experience property = Smooth, the behavior explained here applies only for GeneXus X Evolution 3 upgrade 8 and previous versions. 


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