Watson Conversation Api

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Deprecated: Since July 2018. Replaced by GeneXus Artificial Intelligence or Chatbots in GeneXus.



Documentation: http://www.ibm.com/watson/developercloud/conversation/api/v1/#send_message


Send Message

Set User Context:


&UserContext.Set('isEnabled', 'true')

&UserContext: ‘Properties’ data type. Set of (key, value) where both in this case will have to be Strings. 


&ConversationMessage = SendMessage(&text, &Context, &WorkspaceId, &UserContext)


In: &text variable with text of type: Text, GenexusWatsonSDK

In: &Context variable based on the SDT: Context.

In: &WorkspaceId variable varchar with the workspace value.

InOut: &UserContext variable of type: Properties. Set (key, value)

           Out: &ConversationMessage variable based on the SDT: ConversationMessage. 

                   The service response text is saved in the node &ConversationMessage.output.text.