Howto: Installing GeneXus SDK for Watson

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To install GeneXus SDK for Watson, you need to close GeneXus and uncompress the folder within the .zip file downloaded to the directory::



Run GeneXus and from the GX 15 IDE with an open KB, select:

Knowledge Manager\Manage Module References and you will see the module to install.



Once installed, the module can be found below the References node in the KB Explorer:


In the downloaded .zip file you will also find 2 procedures .

Test: is a test procedure with the invocation to each API and some examples of use.

GetWatsonCredentials: is a procedure in which you need to configure all the access keys obtained in Bluemix; each API has its Api key, and some of them have a username and password.

Api keys can be obtained by creating a user account at:


After obtaining the keys, they are configured in the GetWatsonCredentials procedure as shown in the image below: