CryptoAsymmetricEncrypt data type

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It enables us to encrypt a text using an asymmetrical algorithm.

CryptoAsymmetricEncrypt Methods

Name Description
Encrypt(text:String)  For a given text, it returns it encrypted using asymmetrical cryptography according to the algorithm and the public key of the certificate specified.
Decrypt(text :String) Returns the given text de-encrypted according to the algorithm and the private key of the certificate specified. A requirement is that the certificate must contain the private key.


Algorithm:String Enables the specification of the hash algorithms that will be used. SHA256 is used by default
Certificate:CryptoCertificate   Allows us to specify the certificate that will be used for encrypting or de-encrypting.


A. Encrypt a text using an asymmetrical encryption algorithm.

The example below shows the encrypting of a text using a public key certificate.

&ErrorCode = &cryptoCert.Load("MyPublicKey.cer")
if &ErrorCode = 0
      &CryptoEncrypt.Certificate = &cryptoCert //&CryptoEncrypt is of CryptoAsymmetricEncrypt type
      &result = &CryptoEncrypt.Encrypt(&Text)
      if &CryptoEncrypt.ErrCode <> 0
           //Process Errors

B. De-encrypting an encrypted text with an asymmetrical algorithm.

This example shows how to de-encrypt an encrypted text using an asymmetrical algorithm.

&ErrorCode = &cryptoCert.Load("MyPFX.pfx",&pwd) //&CryptoCert is of CryptoCertificate type.
 if &ErrorCode= 0
    if &cryptoCert.HasPrivateKey() 
        &CryptoEncrypt.Certificate = &cryptoCert //&CryptoEncrypt is of the CryptoAsymmetricEncrypt type
        &Text= &CryptoEncrypt.Decrypt(&EncryptedText)
       //Process Errors
  //Process Errors


  • iOS only support SHA256 (default) in Algorithm property. Other algorithms are ignored.
  • Android uses RSA/ECB/OAEPWithSHA-256AndMGF1Padding in Algorithm property when the developer indicates an unsupported algorithm.


Platform  Web(.NET,Java), Smart Devices (Android e iOS)


This data type is available as of GeneXus 15.
For iOS is available as of Genexus 15 Upgrade 10.
For Android is available as of GeneXus 15 Upgrade 11.