HowTo: Get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes from Twitter

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This guideline will help you to associate your GeneXus application with Twitter by the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret certificates.

Step 1 - Sign in as developer

Go to Twitter Developer website and signing. If you do not have an account, create it first.

Twitter Dev - Log in

Step 2 - Create a new app

Look for the "Create New App" button and click it.

Twitter Dev - Create New App

Then, give your application details

Twitter Dev - App details

Finally, confirm the agreements and click on "Create your Twitter application" button.

Twitter Dev - Confirm agreements.

Twitter should confirm that your application was successfully created.

Twitter Dev - My application

Step 3 - Get the Consumer Key and Secret codes

Go to "Key and Access Tokens" tab, and you'll find the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes.

Twitter Dev - Customer codes