Left fill property

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It details how to display the non-significant zeros for a number (the zeros to the left of the number).


Blank Left zeros are not shown, but when the value is zero, it is shown. This is the default value.
Blank when Zero Left zeros are not shown, also the zero value.
Zero Left zeros are shown.


    Numeric(7.2)   0 123.5
Blank ZZZ9.99 0.00 123.50
Blank when zero   ZZZZ.ZZ   123.50
Zero 9999.99   0000.00     0123.50  

How to read this table?

The first column shows the possible values of the left fill picture: Blank, Blank when zero and Zero of this property.

The 'INPUT' column shows the numeric type used for the example - in this case, a variable of type N(7,2), - and for each left fill property value, shows the value that is generated AUTOMATICALLY in the 'Picture'.

The 'OUTPUT' column shows:

1) Examples of values that the Variable can take (i.e. 0 and 123.5 on left fill table)
2) How GeneXus format that value, according to the value of the left fill property

For example, on left fill property, on a Numeric(7,2), when selected value is "Blank", on Picture property changes to ZZZ9.99 automatically, and when that variable is assigned "123.5", it shows on screen "123.50".