HowTo: Register an application to use JPush services

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To enable the JPush Notification Provider to send push notifications, we need to register our application in the Jiguang Developer Site to get the credentials required to use JPush services.

Step 1 - Get certificates

Get the certificates for each platform deployed.
Refer to:

Step 2 - Login

Go to Jiguang Developer Site, enter your user credentials and log in.
JPush - Step1 - Login

Step 3 - Create a new app

Select "Create a new application" option on the dashboard.
JPush - Step2 - CreateApp

Enter a name (required) and an icon (optional) for your application.
JPush - Step2 - EnterName

Step 4 - Get the credentials

Once the application is created, you already have the credentials needed to integrate the JPush services in your GeneXus-generated application. These credentials will be set through the environment properties App Key and Master Secret.
JPush - Step3 - Credentials

Step 5 - Configure platforms

Set the platform-specific configurations for Android and iOS in the Application Settings section (check picture above).

You just need to set the application package name:
JPush - Step4 - Android


  • Upload Production certificate obtained in Step 1
  • Upload Development certificate obtained in Step 1 (optional)
  • Set "Certificate" as the Authentication Method

JPush - Step4 - iOSSet

Once the iOS configuration is set, the application settings will look like the following image:
JPush - Step4 - iOSConfigured