HowTo: Register an application in WeChat Open Platform

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To integrate WeChat Pay payments in a mobile application, a registration process must be previously followed.

Step 1 - Login

Go to WeChat Open Platform, enter your user credentials and log in:
WeChat Register 1

Step 2 - Create new application

Now, the user applications are listed, and a new one can be created:
WeChat Register 2

Step 3 - Enter application information

Some information is required for the new application: Name (Chinese and English), Descriptions and Icons.

WeChat Register 31
WeChat Register 32

Step 4 - Configure application platforms

The next step is to indicate which platforms will be used to integrate WeChat in the application.
WeChat Register 41

In each platform, we need to set some data. For iOS, setting the application Bundle ID is enough.
WeChat Register 42

For an Android application, we need to set the application package and the application signature. This signature can be obtained from the application apk installed in the device using this application (for detailed information check this document).
WeChat Register 43

Step 5 - Wait for application review

Now, you need to wait for a review process by WeChat. After this review is completed, the application is ready to be used for WeChat integration, and you can get some of the credentials needed. In particular, the AppID will be used to set the integration configuration and in the WeChat Pay Application Id property in GeneXus.

WeChat Register 5
WeChat Register 51

Step 6 - Enable WeChat Pay services

After the application review is approved by WeChat, you need to enable the WeChat Pay services through a new review process.
WeChat Register 61

This review process consists of three steps:
WeChat Register 62