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A long time ago we visualized that Web solutions will be the answer to many problems (distribution, availability, accessibility, scalability, etc.). Therefore, as from GeneXus 6.1 version, we included generators for this platform. The platform evolution and the way GeneXus has kept in step with it allowed it to stop being a platform for "static pages" and become a platform for real business solutions, either Internet or Intranet.

As of GeneXus 9.0 version, in addition to the generators for this platform that have been available for years we have included cutting edge technologies (such as Ajax), thus making way for new features for the Web environment such as field to field validation. Many of these features are "implicit" in the version (with no development cost) and extremely complex to be "manually" developed
The conversion process of a GUI application to Web implies knowing some characteristics of this last platform and its relationship with GUI solutions features and characteristics.
Quite frequently, it is not about "converting" the application or part of it, but developing a new module in this platform. In any case, there is a "parallelism" between what is known by the developer (GUI environment) and the new platform he is dealing with (Web), which requires considering the differences.


GeneXus Technologies

In this type of applications modernization, there are other technologies that may be useful to consider.

It allows the automatic generation of GeneXus objects that follow a specific pattern, based on other GeneXus objects. This allows automating a great deal of the repetitive work performed when creating objects within the Knowledge Base.
This tool may be very useful in applications migration of to Web, particularly with the "Work With" pattern.
GXportal is the tool to build portals for organizations that need to connect its members, partners and customers through the Internet in a fast, safe and efficient way.
It allows integrating knowledge, content and applications easily providing an integral solution for your Front End and Back End management in the Web.

Community and Partners Resources

Follows a list of tools or services provided from partners and GeneXus community in general, specifically aimed to Win to Web conversion.

K2B Tools is a tool that allows you to develop 40 to 60% of a GeneXus application automatically, thus dramatically cutting development times and reducing application complexity. Through the use of Patterns technology, K2B Tools enables the development team to reach high levels of productivity.
Reengineering an application from Windows to Web - K2B Tools facilitates application development by automatically generating a significant part of the new application while reusing the knowledge of your Windows application. K2B Tools takes care of all the initial definitions of an application, such as Web dialog architecture, graphic design, and security.

PuntoExe Consultores
As a Software Factory PuntoExe provides Outsourcing service in GeneXus for developing applications on Web platform or migrating customer’s application from Win to Web. To do so they use their own product PXTools based on the GeneXus Pattern technology that allows a fast development of those objects that keep standard programming. In Web developments for example, all graphical user interface is programmed using this resource. Among their success stories include projects developed only with their programmers, with developers of both teams or just with customer's developers under their Consultancy mode.

G2W is an Application Transformation Software that allows us to help customers to move their Green Screen or Windows Based applications automatically to the Web. It’s more than a simple migration tool; it transforms your application automatically.
It is very simple, and in just three steps (Analysis, Configuration and Conversion) it converts all the needed objects in your KB, leaving you with a compiled web application for you to test.


Navigations Comparison
Apply this tool to compare the objects navigation lists between the initial version and 9.0 version. This will allow you seeing the differences that may arise because of the improvements/changes introduced to the version. You may not perform the comparison of WorkPanel type objects since they will not be used. Anyway, this will give you an idea of the differences that may exist in the new web panels to be developed (with a similar logic).


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Following you will find some conferences with information that may be useful in this conversion type.