Roadmap GXtest v4 2018

Unofficial Content

This is an old document that shows the roadmap plan of GXtest for year 2018.


1st Est. major Release date: 19 Mar 2018 -- Released
Purpose: To provide the ability to make Unit Tests
Description: Inside GeneXus IDE, developers will have the ability to create, run, and test their own procedures in a fast way, by writing unit tests using GeneXus language.
Main Features

  • Basic Unit Test auto-generation (from GX Procedure)  -- Done
  • Modify & Debug Tests -- Done
  • Run Tests (manually or automatically after build process) -- Done
  • See test Results, Assertions results and time elapsed -- Done

2nd Est. major Release date: 21 May 2018 -- Released
Purpose: To provide CI/CD features and provide advanced features to make better Unit Tests
Description: Developers will have the ability to mock database queries. Devops can integrate tests in a CI / CD scheme.
Main Features

  • DB Mocking  -- partialy (.net support, java pending)
  • Testing DataProviders and Business Transactions.-- Done
  • CI / CD integration features such as Junit report output and running test unattended -- Done
  • Testing trends reports -- Done

3rd Est. major Release date: 30 Jul 2018 -- Released
Purpose: To provide basic UI Web Automation 
Description: Developers / Test Automators will have the ability to write UI Test inside procedures w/ External Objects, running Selenium-based on browsers.
Main Features

  • Test Automation Support for Web Applications -- Done
  • Create and Run tests on popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, and Safari) -- Done
  • CI/ CD integration features such as running test unattended -- Done

4th Est. major Release date: 24 Set 2018 -- Released 
Purpose: To provide the ability to record tests easily and run them at scale
Description: Any user (dev, tester or customer) will have the ability to record Web UI Tests using Google Chrome Extension, debug tests and run them on different browsers. 
Main Features:  

  • Test Case recording -- Done (and/or test case auto-generation, depending on customer needs in the following months) 
  • Run test using docker-browsers -- pending
  • Run test on 3rdy-party clouds. -- Done

5th Est. major Release date: 17 Dec 2018 (from original 10-Dec) -- Released 
Purpose: To provide the ability to run Unit and UI automated tests with the best approach
Description: All previous pending features + customers and community feedback
Main Features:

  • .Net Core generator support. -- Done 
  • Localization support for other languages. -- Done