Roadmap GXtest v4

Unofficial Content

We like to share our vision and development plan a year forward. On the other hand, as an agile-ready company we embrace customers to ask for new features, all request will be considered, welcomed, and analyzed with our Product Owner over each development sprint planning, so don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Est. Release date: 19 Mar 2018
Purpose: To provide the ability to make Unit Tests
Description: Inside GeneXus IDE, developers will have the ability to create, run, and test their own procedures in a fast way, by writing unit tests using GeneXus language.
Main Features

  • Basic Unit Test auto-generation (from GX Procedure)
  • Modify & Debug Tests
  • Run Tests (manually or automatically after build process)
  • See test Results, Assertions results and time elapsed

Est. Release date: 21 May 2018
Purpose: To provide CI/CD features and provide advanced features to make better Unit Tests
Description: Developers will have the ability to mock database queries. Devops can integrate tests in a CI / CD scheme.
Main Features

  • DB Mocking
  • Testing DataProviders and Business Transactions.
  • CI / CD integration features such as Junit report output and running test unattended
  • Testing trends reports

Est. Release date: 30 Jul 2018
Purpose: To provide basic UI Web Automation 
Description: Developers / Test Automators will have the ability to write UI Test inside GeneXus using YAML-format scripts. Selenium-based tests will be generated.
Main Features

  • Test Automation Support for Web Applications
  • Create and Run tests on popular browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE, and Safari)
  • CI/ CD integration features such as running test unattended

Est. Release date: 24 Set 2018
Purpose: To provide the ability to record tests easily and run them at scale
Description: Any user (dev, tester or customer) will have the ability to record Web UI Tests using Google Chrome Extension, debug tests and run them on different browsers. 
Main Features:  

  • Test Case recording (and/or test case auto-generation, depending on customer needs in the following months)
  • Run test using docker-browsers
  • Run test on 3rdy-party clouds.

Est. Release date: 10 Dec 2018
Purpose: To provide the ability to run Unit and UI automated tests with the best approach
Description: All previous features + customers and community feedback
Main Features: To be defined.