How to start using GeneXus SDK for Paypal?

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To get started:

  • Create a new KB using GeneXus 15.
  • Then go to the menu option 'Create KB From Server' and select this KB  PayPalSDK
  • Build All to start familiarizing with the SDK. 
  • Under the 'Example' module you will find some objects that allow you to test all the main functionalities described in this documentation: one-time payments, plans, and agreements.
  • Add your credentials to GetAccountCredentials procedure under PayPal->Requests. See Get Paypal crendentials for more information.
  • To be able to receive tokens and execute payments/agreements, your application needs to be on a public URL (not localhost) so it's reachable by PayPal. You can easily achieve this by enabling "Deploy to Cloud" property in your generator properties.
  • Once you have decided to integrate this SDK into your system, export the PayPal module and import it into your KB.
  • When you are ready to start your production environment, change the host from sandbox to production in GetHost procedure (both URLs are there).

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