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The increasing amount of data managed by an application is a reality. Nowadays, it is vital for every system to display content to the end user as quickly as possible and in a friendly way. In order to achieve this aim, GeneXus provides two different but closely related components to enhance this essential element called Search Pattern.

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It does not have any.


It does not have any.


SearchTextChanged event

It is triggered when the searched text changes (i.e. when the end user is typing). The received parameter is the newest value in the search box.

Return value None
Parameters text:Character(20)

SearchScopeChanged event

No description available yet.

Return value None
Parameters scopeId:Numeric(4.0), scopeDescription:Character(20)

Structured Data Type



Download here.


Platforms  Web(.NET,Java), SmartDevices(Android,iOS)


This external object is available as of GeneXus 15.