GXtest UI Commands - Charmap

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The following table represents the mapping of special characters to be used in KeyStroke commands. Note that the value must be always exactly as shown on the Values column; uppercase and delimited by braces.

Key Description Values
Null   {NULL}
Cancel   {CANCEL}
Backspace   {BACKSPACE}
Tab   {TAB}
Enter   {ENTER}
Shift   {SHIFT}
Ctrl, Control   {CONTROL}
Alt   {ALT}
Escape   {ESC}
Spacebar   {SPACE}
Page up   {PGUP}
Page down   {PGDN}
Navigation keys   {LEFT}
Equal   {EQUAL}
Delete   {DELETE}
Help   {HELP}
Operators   {MULTIPLY}
Insert   {INSERT}
Semicolon   {SEMICOLON}
Numpad keys   {NUMPAD0}
Pause   {PAUSE}
Clear   {CLEAR}
Return   {RETURN}
End   {END}
Home   {HOME}
Function keys   {F1}
Meta   {META}
Command   {COMMAND}
Thousands Represents the number pad thousands separator key {SEPARATOR}
Decimal Represents the number pad decimal separator key {DECIMAL}