GeneXus for SAP Systems Fiori for Web Pattern - HowTo: Apply a List Floorplan to a Web Panel

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In addition to applying a Floorplan to a Transaction object, you can also apply a Floorplan to a Web Panel object.

If you have never applied the Fiori pattern to your Knowledge Base, read HowTo: Apply the Fiori for Web pattern for the first time. Otherwise, while being positioned on the Patterns tab of a Web Panel, click the Select floorplan... link:


It will open a new window with a list of floorplans to select one. Select one of the floorplans offered under the List floorplans node:


Once selected, it will pop up a new window showing the four different options to base the floorplan on:

  1. Based on a Transaction
    • This will create only the list using the attributes of the Transaction as columns.
  2. Based on a Structured Data Type (SDT).
    • This will create the list using the first level of the SDT as columns.
  3. Variables based on Attributes or Domains
    • This will create the list using the variables as columns.
  4. Use custom variables 
    • This will create the list using the variables as columns.


After selecting one of these options, it will create only the list floorplan; you will need to create all the objects/code necessary to develop the logic of the Web Panel.