Roadmap GXtest v4 2019

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We will update here all the information regarding the 2019 roadmap. 

We will start by adding those features that are still pending from last year roadmap, then the team will focus on features that users are currently asking.

Currently, the main features planned are:

1) Automatically generate test case data sets. (Planned: 1st Jul 2019)

- Autogenerate data for all basic types

- Autogenerate data for "extended" types 

- Generate different sets to be chosen by the user

2) Save test case evidence. (Planned: 5th Ago 2019)

- CI / CD evidence is now saved in JUnit format

- Provide a mechanism to back up the results shown in the IDE.

3) Code Coverage. (Planned: 1st Oct 2019)

- Provide basic information about the lines of code executed in every procedure tested with Unit Tests.

4) DataPool support using CSV files (Planned: 2nd Dec 2019)

* Keep in mind that the estimated dates are for the GeneXus Beta channel.

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