Deploy Application Servers

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When you're using the Deploy feature in Genexus (via Build -> Deploy Application) or via MSBuild, you can select the Application Servers where you will be deploying your app.

Here's a list of the supported application servers and what you need to set as the TargetId if you're using MSBuild.


IIS8: Microsoft Internet Information Services 8 or higher.

IIS7: Microsoft Internet Information Services 7

Deploying to lower versions of Microsoft Internet Information Services is not supported by our deploy engine.

.NET Core

IIS: Microsoft Internet Information Services 8 or higher (Windows only)

Kestrel: Kestrel HTTP Server (Windows or Linux)


In Java there are many application servers which are compatible thru the Generic Servlet API, unfortunately not every application server follows the standard, thus, more specific targets had been created.

Generic Servlet 2.4: Tomcat 5.x

Generic Servlet 2.5: Tomcat 6

Generic Servlet 3.0: Tomcat 7

Generic Servlet 3.1: Generic Servlet 3.1

Tomcat 8.x: It's a "flavor" of Generic Servlet 3.1 with some specific features for Tomcat 8.x

JBoss: JBoss (Enterprise Java Beans)

WebSphere:  WebSphere (Enterprise Java Beans)