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Considerations for Java

In order to develop an application that accesses DB2 iSeries, you only need a JDBC driver (http://jt400.sourceforge.net/).
For a time, the latests versions of these drivers can only be used with Sun virtual machine. If it is a web application, it is always this way, because servlets servers use Sun virtual machine. However, in win applications, you can still use MS virtual machine.

Configuration of a GeneXus model

The DBMS options should be changed as follows:

    Access technology to set= JDBC
    Database Name = AS library name
    Server Name= servername or IP address 
    OS for iSeries Version: AS version

OS versions

The latest supported version is V5R3.

There is not a specific requirement regarding PTFs, but it is important to be aware of IBM's recommendations. In particular, for jdbc access to DB2. Also when working with java applications installed on the AS under WebSphere or Tomcat.

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