Reorganization Deployment MSBuild Tasks

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You can do the Export Reorganization using MSBuild tasks 
This document tells you the syntax to use via command line, depending on the generator you are using.

The script to run is a file called deploy.msbuild and it's located at the root of your GeneXus installation (<Genexus Dir>)

The basic call has the following structure:

> MSBuild.exe "<GeneXus dir>\deploy.msbuild" /p:GX_PROGRAM_DIR=<GeneXus dir> /p:Generator=<Generator> /p:<DBMS>="true" /p:SourcePath=<Environment Dir> /p:ReorgDestination=<Destination Dir> /p:FileName=<Zipped reorg file> /t:ExportReorganization


GX_PROGRAM_DIR: This should be the path to your GeneXus installation

Generator: It can be "Java", "C#" or ".NET Core"

DBMS: The DBMS where the reorganization must run. Allowed values are: SQLServer, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle

SourcePath: Absolut path to the environment directory (without the web directory)

ReorgDestination: Absolut path where the export will be placed.

FileName: Name of the file with the exported reorganization.

The Java generator requires some additional properties

JDBCDrivers: The type of driver as set in the Data Store property JDBC Driver/

PackageName: The package name set in the Generator property Java package name.

JavaPath: Absolut path to the Java JDK.

TargetJRE: The runtime version where the exported reorganization will run. 


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