Compile using MSBuild instead of CSC

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This guide allows you to beta test compilation with msbuild instead of the default mechanism. 

For building applications in .NET Generator Environments, the default compiler is the 'csc.exe' of .NET Framework. In GeneXus Beta, MSBuild can be used to compile.

Benefits of using this new mechanism are

  • Build & compile Performance
  • A standard project file is generated, so projects can be opened with Visual Studio too

Steps to beta test

New Properties associated with this mechanism

Sample property value

-m /v:quiet /p:Configuration=Debug /p:PlatformTarget=x86 /p:GxExternalReference=MyAPI.dll  

which indicates:

-m => To compile in parallel using all the processors available. If you compile 10 mains, those 10 mains will be compiled in parallel, provided the processors of the machine allow it. 
/v:quiet => Sets the output to quiet, so that it is similar to the previous mechanism (csc) 
/p:Configuration=Debug => To compile in debug mode (generating .pdb files)
/p:PlatformTarget=x86 => To compile for 32bits   (is equivalent to /platform:x86 in csc.exe)
/p:GxExternalReference=MyAPI.dll => To include MyAPI.dll in references (is equivalent to /r:MyAPI.dll in csc.exe)

Note: .NET Core Generator already uses this mechanism as the only one suitable.