Searching for the desired features

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Searching for the desired features

Those instances generated by pattern are modifiable. Each change made to an instance will generate a new one and, on saving it, you will have the last instance version with its changes. 
Once you decided that the obtained instance is the final one, the required GX objects will be generated based on this instance. 

The changes level may vary, depending on whether you want the change to affect a specific instance or every one of them. 
If you need to modify a specific instance, the change will be made on the definition of this instance until the required feature or behavior is obtained. 
In this case, you will have different instances although, each time an instance is saved, it will be the last version.


If you need to make changes that are common to a group of instances, you must make the change, for instance, in the workwith.config configuration file.
Once the change is made, each generated instance will take the change.