GXtest config file

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GXtest has some properties that can be used to customize how GXtest uses resources in GeneXus.
The file is Abstracta.GXtest.BL.dll.config and can be found in <GeneXusProgramDir>/Packages/. In case you want to edit its values, you must restart the IDE so that the changes take effect.

These properties are:

  • version: used to check if GXtest objects must be updated (runner and XPZ). The comparison is done against KB's Test -> Version property value
  • folderStructurePath: the path to XML file that contains GXtest KB objects added to run tests
  • UITestSD: the path to xpz file that contains external object needed to execute UI tests for smart devices
  • sourceCodesDirectoryPath: path to folder that contains GeneXus codes for objects defined in XML file set in folderStructurePath
  • referencesToTestsProcName: name for procedure object that contains references to tests that will be run after selecting an option to run tests
  • runnerName: name for procedure object that runs and saves execution results
  • testResultFileName: name for XML file that GXtest reads to show execution results. Note that in case you need to change this value, also must be changed in runner gxcode file under sourceCodesDirectoryPath config
  • executionDataFileName: name for JSON file used by GXtest as execution parameter to runner object
  • exportTestResultsTemplate: Path to HTML template report to be used when using the feature Export Results in the Test Results window
  • gxtestModuleVersion: fixed GXtest module version to use for this extension in this GeneXus installation (available since GXtest for GX16 U8)