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GeneXus Challenge 2007 Winners

         KB´s Best Project:  Freepassport.Net,  Daniel Monza 
         KB´s Project that adds more value to the Community:   GxWebResources,  Gabriel Medina, Pablo Kaniefsky and Lester Fajardo. 
         KB´s: People´s Choice: GxWebResources,  Gabriel Medina, Pablo Kaniefsky and Lester Fajardo. 
         GXextensions Best Project: KBDesigner, Nicolás Castagnet
         GXextensions: People´s Choice: KBDoctor, Diego Crutas, Enrique Almeida and Marcos Crispino.


GeneXus Challenge is the first international contest of software development with GeneXus! Offers the possibility to all the members of the GeneXus Community to make up teams to assess your skill and creativity competing against teams from all over the world. Individuals and teams of up to 5 members of the GeneXus Community or C# developers (in the case of GXextensions) will compete to create the best GeneXus knowledge bases and GXextensions.

The GeneXus Challenge will have 2 clearly different categories. There will be a Knowledge Bases category called, where the teams will have to build an application with GeneXus 9.0 to solve a specific actual problem selected by the team.  The goal in this category is to create a knowledge base which stands out in some way, for example because of an innovative concept or the value added to the GeneXus Community. 

Besides, in the GXextensions category, it will be possible for individuals and teams of up to 5 people with C# programming knowledge, whether they are members or not of the GeneXus Community. The objective of that category is to build an extension of GeneXus Rocha under the GXextensions parameters. That extension will have to solve a specific problem, facilitate an important function or in some way improve on the use of GeneXus Rocha.

The resulting projects (Knowledge bases or GeneXus Extensions) have to be documented in the GeneXus Community wiki and uploaded to with an open source license between January 1st and August 19th of 2007 to be considered in the contest. It's recommend to publish them also as Collaborative Projects.

To participate in this contest, you have to send an email to before August 3rd of 2007 indicating the participating team members and a brief description of the project. The proposed projects are being published here.

A jury made up of Artech staff and other specialists will award the best projects between August 19th and September 2nd of 2007. The members of the GeneXus Community will be able to vote, between August 4th and September 2nd, the best project of the Knowledge Bases category; and the best project of GXextensions category.

Any contest has some prize. And the GeneXus Challenge could not be less. So, in the Knowledge Bases category 3 prizes will be given: Best Project, Project that adds more value to the Community and the "People Choice" prize. GXextensions category has 2 prizes for the Best Project and the "People Choice" prize. All the prizes will consist in:

  • The GeneXus Challenge Award.
  • The right to use the logo of the "GeneXus Challenge 2007" with the name of the prize.
  • A reception with members of Artech during XVII Internacional GeneXus Meeting.
  • Tickets and Accommodation (it includes tickets from your location to Montevideo, hotel accommodation and transportation) for two people per team to attend the Meeting. Winners from Uruguay, or who have already made arrangements to attend the Meeting, can change this prize for a Full Tech GeneXus license or a Nintendo Wii.

Contact us

If you need assistance, got any question or suggestion, or if you are searching for team members to join the Challenge please contact us at  
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