How to add and interact with commands, menus, and toolbars

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// Community.package from GX EVOLUTION SDK


 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Package xmlns='' id='0471ba29-8a43-4927-8699-58ce02f4688a' name='Community'>
Resources may contain images and strings.
Commands are translated using strings in the resources when
there is a resource string with the same name as a command id
    <Resource type="strings" name="ArmandoCardoso.Packages.Community.Resources"/>
    <Resource type="images" name="ArmandoCardoso.Packages.Community.Resources"/>
  <!-- These are locally defined commands -->
    <CommandDefinition id="GXSearch"/>
    <CommandDefinition id="Community Wiki"/>
    <CommandDefinition id="GXOpen"/>
    <CommandDefinition id="GeneXus Forums"/>
    <CommandDefinition id="All Community Resources"/>
  <!-- You can group commands and then reference them by the group id-->
    <Group id="CommunityGroup1">
      <Command refid="GXSearch"/>
      <Command refid="Community Wiki"/>
      <Command refid="GXOpen"/>
      <Command refid="GeneXus Forums"/>
    <Group id="CommunityGroup2">
      <Command refid="All Community Resources"/>
    <Menu type="menubar">
      <Popup name="Community" insertBefore="Help" >
        <!-- You can reference groups -->
        <Group refid="CommunityGroup1" />
        <Group refid="CommunityGroup2" />
        <!-- You can reference simple commands -->
        <!--<Command refid="GXsearch"/>-->
        <!--<Command refid="Community Wiki"/>-->
        <!--<Command refid="GXopen"/>-->
        <!--<Command refid="Forums"/>-->
        <!--<Command refid="All Community Resources"/>-->
You can even reference commands (or groups)
defined elsewhere, provided you know the
GUID of its package
        <Command refid="Consolidate" package="4703F0A9-2AEB-4469-9466-25E2A56C7B6D"/>