Coded Messages

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This table of contents describes different kinds of messages that can appear as a result of different actions using GeneXus.


PMM Messages

These messages can appear on actions related to Modules.

RGO Messages

These are messages shown at Impact Analysis when some actions over the data must be done to accomplish a successful reorganization.

RGZ Messages

These are messages shown at Impact Analysis during the specification of Reorganization Programs.

NFO Messages

These are informational messages that can appear during Program Specification.

SPC Messages

These are messages that can appear during Program Specification.

SRC Messages

These are messages related to source validation (e.g. Procedure Source part, Transaction Events part, Attribute Formula property).

Output message types

Coded messages can be:

1. an error: the message is reporting an error that must be fixed.

2. a warning: the executing action will be finished successfully but there are some issues that should be attended.

3. verbose information. message codes are not shown on verbose messages.